Loving Lately - 31.10.16

Loving Lately - 31.10.16

It's time for a new Loving Lately post! In case you missed the last one, take a look here. I absolutely love writing about the ish I am into and currently there's a lot. From natural skin care to toxic-free home cleaning supplies and my latest activewear obsessions, here's a little overview of what I'm loving at the moment.

There's some promo codes for you guys below in case you want to try some of the things for yourself, so keep your eyes open for those!

Natural home cleaning products

 I was so happy to see how well My Healthy Apartment Tour blog post from a couple of months ago  was received. You guys loved learning about all the healthy, natural, organic and eco-friendly products that I use and hopefully I have inspired some of you to make the switch to better products yourself.

At the time, I included a dishwasher from Organic Choice that I had discovered at Coles. After the post went live, I was approached by the team behind Organic Choice thanking me for the mention and to ask if I would like to road test the rest of their range. Turns out they have heaps more products, which I had no idea about! Think air fresheners, dishwashing liquids, soy candles, multi-purpose cleaner, fridge/dishwashing/bin cleaner and shower cleaners.

The brand is developed by Aware Environmental – the producers behind many other eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable home cleaning products. All the products are Australian made and only use sustainable and natural ingredients. To be exact, they are

  • Organic
  • Non-toxic
  • Plant based
  •  Not tested on animals
  • Palm oil free, SLES & SLS free
  • Sustainable and readily biodegradable

I especially love the dishwashing liquid because it doesn't dry out my hands as most other brands do. It works so good. It smells AMAZING. And I know that there are no nasties going into the water or covering my dishes. Oh, and I love the soy candles! They are made with soy bean wax which is a natural and renewable source. And because of the low melting point of soy bean wax, the scent of the essential oils is really strong and fragrant.

Better yet, they are very affordably priced (cleaning products range $5-$5.50 and their candles are $15) and can be found at any Coles supermarket. Win! Conventional cleaning products make me cough, sniff and sneeze (as well as hold my breath while using them because how detrimental they are for your health), but with Organic Choice I can actually enjoy cleaning my apartment.

Wireless headphones

I listen to music all the time when I need to be in the zone: when I work, when I go for a run or when I'm lifting weights. I've always just used the Apple headphones that come along when you purchase a new iPhone, but have never thought of investing into a good pair of headphones. Then recently the folks at Sudio Sweden sent me one of their VASA Blå wireless earphones (I chose the Rose Gold one), and I've been road testing them since. Who knows the dilemma of tangled up wires in your pocket or bag and trying to undo the knots that have somehow miraculously formed? Or accidentally ripping your phone out of your own hands when you forget it's attached to your headphones? Well, that problem is history with the Sudio headphones.

With their flat, rubber neckband cable and rose gold finish, the Vasa Bla almost look like  a fashionable addition to my outfit rather than a tech device. I honestly love the fact that there's no excess cable dangling around that I can get stuck in, as I'm literally the clumsiest person and always make a mess out of it. The wire just goes from one ear to the other, that's it. Nothing to get tangled up in as you walk/workout/clean/whatever. I was also very impressed with the sound quality: full and clear. I'm by no means a sound expert, but I've owned crappy headphones before and know how annoying it is.

However, I struggle with the headphones slowly drifting out of my ears when I was out and about and being super active with my arms. I regularly found myself re-adjusting them to make sure they stick, making it a bit of a hassle sometimes. But I yet have to take them on a run to really make my final decision!

That being said, going wireless does bring a lot of benefits and I now regularly wear them when I know I'm doing . P.S.: Did I mention they’re gorgeous?

You can head to Sudio Sweden and use the code wholesomestef to get 15% off all orders (free worldwide delivery)!

Loving Lately - 31.10.16 Sudio Sweden

Moogoo Skincare and Dusty Girls makeup 

The other week I was invited to a blogger luncheon with the amazing team from MooGoo Skin Care and Dusty Girls Makeup who introduced us to their entire range of natural skincare and cosmetics. You guys know that I've been slowly making the switch to all things natural and I would say about about 70% there, so definitely there's still some areas where I haven't fully transitioned. But the more I learn about it the more obvious it is to me that I don't want to use any chemicals on my skin anymore. After all, the skin is the largest organ and absorbs everything that we put onto it! It's especially scary when you think about lipstick and toothpaste, we literally eat that crap, so you better make sure it ain't toxic...So it was great being introduced to a new brand that offers a wiiiide variety of products and being able to test them on the spot.

Verdict so far? I love it all but I am especially OBSESSED with the mineral foundation powder. I don't know why I've never tried mineral powder before?! It doesn't clog my pores, it's lightweight, it lasts all day even when going to the gym and I find it so much easier to apply than a liquid foundation (hello unwelcomed orange lines around the chin). Fair to say I'm throwing out my old liquid foundations.

I am a really big proponent of the ingredients they use, and even more than that, a fan of what they do NOT use. FYI, MooGoo does add milk protein to some of their moisturizing creams (good for skin elasticity), but other than that all products are vegan-friendly.

If you want to give the products a try yourself, head to MooGoo and Dusty Girls online and use the code Jointheherd to receive a 15% discount on all orders.

I hope you guys liked this new type of post, any feedback is appreciated! Speak soon, xx

What are YOU loving lately?!