The Ultimate Aussie Foodie Giveaway

Foodie Giveaway

Have I told you guys how much I love you? If not, here it is: I FREAKINNNG LOVE YOU!

To celebrate my love for you, Vic and I decided to create the ultimate giveaway that’s bound to make your tastebuds and skin tingle with happiness.

It includes some of the most amazing Aussie brands that we have discovered ever since moving to Australia, because we want to share this experience with y'all. The giveaway is open worldwide, both for people in Australia who might already know these brands and peeps over the pond.

So, what can you win? Get all the deets below. P.S.: We're giving away 3 of these amazing boxes, so triple chance for you to win!

Foodie Giveaway

Papaya Ointment from Pure By Phytocare | All of their skin care products are natural, palm oil free, petrochemical free and not tested on animals. The Papaya Ointment with Calendula is formulated to soothe, moisturize and protect your skin and because the papaya is actually fermented, the nutrients are concentrated even more! The size is perfect for chucking into your handbag and using it on the go.

Tampons and pads from TOM Organics | Many of us pay attention to the foods we buy, yet we don't often think about what is in the products we use on our bodies and even less so when it comes to feminine hygiene products. But did you know that most tampons and pads are made from synthetics like rayon and polyester, and that the cotton has been grown using pesticides? Why the hell would you willingly put that inside of you!? TOM products are unique in that they’re made from pure organic cotton, which is super important given they come into direct contact with one of the most absorbent, delicate parts of a woman’s body. They're also much better for the environment!

Facial Wipes + a surprise goodie from Wot Not Naturals | As you can tell, we love organic stuff! Wot Not Naturals only use natural ingredients in their facial wipes including Australian certified organic avocado, apricot and rosehip to gently cleanse and hydrate the skin. The cloth does not contain any synthetic, abrasive materials but is 100% natural and feels beautifully soft and pampering on your skin. They're perfect to carry around in your gym bag for a post-sweat wipe and I personally use them all the time!

Mixed goodies from The Whole Foodies |The Whole Foodies create lots of amazing healthy goodies from cold-pressed oils to nut butter to seaweed products. They pride themselves in using only the best and most natural ingredients to create nourishing, whole, real foods. They've generously contributed a jar of organic, virgin coconut oil, 2 packs of raw kelp noodles and a pot of unhealed tahini, for each giveaway box!

Chocolate from Alter Eco |Alter Eco does not only focus on providing yummy healthy food products but also values environmental sustainability and social equity with the production of their goods. They work directly with small-scale farmers, introducing fair-trade and organic practices, to bring to the market a product that benefits everyone involved. Their range consists of chocolate bars, truffles, quinoa and rice and here they contributed 3 vegan chocolate bars for each giveaway box. So now you can indulge in some cruelty-free, planet-saving, fair trade chocolate...sounds like a pretty big win to me!

Foodie Giveaway

Now that we've gone ahead and tempted you all with the amazing goodies included in this box, it's time to answer what you're all wondering. How can you get your hands on one of them?! Well it's actually super easy.

  1. Make sure to follow Vic and I on Instagram.
  2. Follow Tom Organic, The Whole FoodiesAlter Eco PacificWot Not Naturals and Pure By Phytocare on Instagram.
  3. Tag 3 friends in any of the posts where we are promoting the giveaway on Instagram.

And there you go! You're in! You can comment as many times as you want, the more times you comment 3x, the greater your chances are of winning!

The competition starts today, November 3rd and closes November 13th 12pm Eastern Time.


Foodie Giveaway