Holiday Updates 2: Maldives


There are so many truly precious moments that we need to embrace and cherish. One of them is being surrounded by our family and closest friends, experiencing things together, laughing together and traveling together. As I told you in Holiday Updates: Maldives, I recently graduated from uni and have been traveling since. As a final holiday with my best friends, we went to the Maldives together before we all parted ways. It was a beautiful last week and I'm so grateful for having spent such great time with them.

Since I came back, I've been moving (check!) and job hunting (check!). Some of you might remember me doing an internship for Fit 'n' Tasty, a Swiss detox company. Turns out I'll be going back full-time to take charge of the Swiss German market. Yay! I also started my nutrition studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and am currently in the 2nd module. I'm already loving it and can't wait to learn, grow and evolve over the coming months. One concept that particularly resonates with me is the importance of 'primary foods'; elements such as an inspiring career, meaningful relationships, a great spiritual practice and regular physical exercise all constitute as primary foods. The more primary food we receive, the less we depend on secondary food (aka actual food) to nourish ourselves. No amount of secondary food can nurture us the same way that primary foods can. The fun, excitement and love of daily life has the power to feed us in a way so that actual eating becomes secondary.

Well, this trip has definitely been nourishing on so many levels!