The first vegan restaurant in Lausanne - Veganopolis


With my move from Lausanne to Bern in September last year, I haven't been around Lausanne a lot lately. But when I heard that a fully vegan cafe opened it's door, I couldn't resist and go check it out myself. Vic and I went to go try out the second we had a chance.

Open since the beginning of autumn 2015, the Veganopolis café has become the new place for healthy foodies to try out. Not that there are many alternatives, uhmm... The Veganopolis collective was already hosting Les midis vegan and the Vrunch,  two vegan pop up take aways in Lausanne which were both hugely successful, so this café was only a natural extension of their already successful business.

When Vic and I arrived, we were both starving after a killer leg day and all we wanted was food, ASAP! So it was to our advantage that their menu is rather simple with a narrow selection of vegan burger and pasta dishes. The only caveat: there was not a single gluten free option in sight. Vic and I usually don’t eat gluten, but given that we were super hungry and didn't have a lot of time, we opted for a half-wheat, half-rice burger bun. It was only until later that we read about their gluten free days on Wednesday and Friday. Lesson learnt.

On the up-side, the food was prepared super quick.

And the deliciousness of the burgers definitely made up for the inevitable tummy ache that followed afterwards. We ordered the Dune (chick-peas, tahini sauce & mayo) and the Red Star (red bean, bbq sauce & mayo) and split them between the two of us. I think we both preferred the Red Star, but they were both pretty good. I'm a huge mayo addict so I was totally looooving the mayo overload. How to make vegan mayo, you ask? It's quite simple, all you need is soy milk, lemon juice and mustard (I know, it doesn't sound that crazy delicious, but trust me, it can be pretty good).

Dessert was a cookie (this time gluten-free!) with a homemade chai latte. No better way to end the meal!

Veganopolis | Avenue des Bains 4c – Lausanne| Monday – Thursday: 11h A -15hFriday – Saturday: 11h30 – 21h

Have you been to Veganopolis before?