My Favourite Bondi Farmers Market Stalls


It's been almost two months since I moved to Sydney and I just realized that I haven't posted a single blog post about my experience here so far. I guess my excuse is that I've really been living in the moment, soaking it all in and just enjoying it. Mindfulness is what it's about, right? But I wouldn't want to keep all the amazingness that I've encountered from you, so I've decided to write about one of my best experiences so far: Bondi Farmers Market.

I had been meaning to go to Bondi Farmers Market months before even moving to Sydney as I had heard so many awesome things about it. And it certainly didn't disappoint. Beautiful healthy produce, amazing food stalls, cool chill out spots on the grass with live music and the beach right across the road. That has to be food market perfection!

The farmer's market phenomena may be partially because it's "fashionable" and trendy to shop there, but I'm just so excited to see more and more people becoming increasingly interested in where their food comes from and how it's grown and produced. Plus you get to support local producers and even reduce your carbon footprint.

I was a bit all over the place during my first visit because there was so much to see, smell, taste and touch, but I'm sure that trips to Bondi are going to become somewhat regular, so I'll have all the time in the world to explore more. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite Bondi Farmers Market stalls:

Bondi Farmers Market | Saturdays, 8am-1pm

My Favourite Bondi Farmers Market Stalls

My favourite stalls

Keen-Wah: for delicious quinoa porridges topped with fresh fruits and shredded coconut.

Bondi Yoghurt: for 100% coconut dairy free yoghurt filled with 5 different types of probiotics (live cultures). They also have 100% Jersey Milk yoghurts. Here you'll not find any additives, sweeteners, colours, flavours, preservatives or thickeners.

Love Raw Creations: for raw vegan organic desserts aka the yummiest raw cheesecakes. Definitely keep some room for dessert.

Bluepress Juice: for 100% pure cold-pressed juices that only use the freshest quality ingredients. No added water, sugar or preservatives.

Papermill Foods: for rice paper rolls filled with crisp seasonal veggies and fresh rice noodles. Super flavorful!

Jacques Kitchen: for dips and finger food like beetroot & walnut hummus, sundried tomato dip, eggplant dip and much more middle eastern inspired goodness.

Bliss Elixirs: for organic, naturopathic, powdered plant supplements based on ancient knowledge & modern science, for optimum wellness, longevity & inside out beauty. Will have to come back for this!

We are Nutie: for gluten free, baked & vegan donuts - delicious treats that are actually good for you. Plus the owner is German ;)

Field to Feast: for your Saturday morning fresh produce run - all their products are organically grown at their farm in Catherine field using no chemicals (not even organically certified ones!)

Love Soup Bondi: for their signature soups low in salt, sugar or any other hidden offenders. Also worth trying is the Bondi Bircher or their chia muesli.

Rawmix: for a little help in the kitchen to create your own guilt-free treats. Simply tip out the contents of the jar into a blender, blend, shape and set in fridge. Mixes have no added sugar, dairy or grains and are gluten and preservative free. Another reason for me to come back soon!