Heart Beat Up Yoga Event


I have to admit: I'm not a big party girl. I went through a crazy party phase from when I was 18 to 20, but those days are over now. Call me boring, but I just don't enjoy getting drunk every weekend and 'wasting' my days hung over in bed.

I haven't stepped foot into a club in a while, but this event convinced me to give it another go. Hosted by Deddou from Pop Up Yoga and Liora, the Heart Beat Up yoga event converts your yoga mat into a dance floor and sprinkles good vibes like confetti in your body and heart. Imagine holding downward dog to funky hip hop tunes and lying in shavasanah while admiring the twinkling disco lights on the ceiling. Who wouldn't love that?

The event started off with a 90 minute Hip-Hop yoga session with Liora - we first did some gentle flows accompanied by a DJ mixing the beats and later on did some core work and handstand practice in pairs of three. In case you've never done yoga to Hip Hop before, let me tell you that it is a completely different experience to your typical yogi practice with meditative music. You feel so 'up beat', letting loose of all yoga stigmas and can flow freely whichever way you like. Anything is allowed, and it's just so damn liberating.

During the break, we got to refresh ourselves with delicious salads from Jack and Jo and Fit 'n' Tasty juices (I work for them, that's why you'll see me selling juices in the video). There were also a couple stands including the organic beauty product company Biomazing which supplied us with a bunch of body painting colors that glowed in the dark. I totally felt like a kiddo back in kindergarten, in a good way.

Then it was time for yoga session round 2: deep-house yoga flow with Deddou. I've had the pleasure of attending one of her classes during the recent Rhythm108 event and totally fell in love with her playful teaching style. It's all about letting loose, jumping around and just being silly. No judgement allowed here. After a couple rounds of vinyasas we partnered up yet again for a partner yoga sesh (thanks Vic, it was a pleasure) that got us laughing, stumbling and falling around all over the place. After another beautiful shavasana the music turned right back up to end the event with a little dance off.


This event was so different to any yoga event I've ever been to and I just love the concept. We tend to take ourselves too serious at times, getting wrapped up in the tiny details of life and killing our creativity by trying to stick within a narrowly defined box. But here we had the permission to just be ourselves, to let loose and let the inner kiddo go crazy! I haven't danced like this in ages and left Zurich feeling exhilarated and liberated. Bring it new week, I'm ready for ya.