Why you should give TRX a try in 2016


No doubt by now you’ve seen the iconic yellow and black TRX ‘straps’ hanging at your local gym and wondered what the heck they were for. All the while unaware of the amazing workout you were missing out on. Let me tell you: When I went to my first TRX class (this was after about two years of regular exercising) I felt like a 300kg overweight 80-year old women. Wearing ankle weights. That had never stepped into a gym in her life.

Why you should give TRX a try in 2016

TRX, also called Total Body Resistance Exercise, is so challenging because it is a full body workout that trains your body in a completely different way than most of us are used to. You'll know it's a full body workout when the next morning every single part of your body is in pain! It basically is a movement-based training which uses gravity and your own bodyweight to build strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and core strength. It's a more dynamic alternative to normal weightlifting using dumbbells or machines and what I especially love is that you are in control of the intensity of your workout. Simply by changing the distance of your feet from the TRX anchor point you can make the exercises easier or more challenging.


I've heard guys shy away from TRX, labelling it as a girl's accessory. Truth is that it was actually developed by former Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick and is used by professional athletes including UFC fighters, surfers and triathletes. So there must be something to it...Scroll down for a video of my TRX training and you'll see that it is anything but easy.

Because it challenges your core, mobility, strength and balance all at the same time, it really exposes any weaknesses and areas that you need to improve on. I have to say I was quit shocked the first time at how difficult seemingly simple looking exercises in fact were!

Another thing that I love is the hundreds of different exercises you can do with such a simple piece of equipment. There are so many different exercises depending on what you want to focus on, so it really never gets boring. And the really cool thing is that you can buy one yourself and hang it up in your house or take it on vacation with you. I don't have one (my bf sold his thinking that we wouldn't need it anymore, and I only realised afterwards how amazing TRX actually is!*sight*) but it looks like Amazon has some good offers.

Here's the full video of my TRX workout at Phuket Cleanse I did a couple months back. Enjoy! (and never mind our sweatiness, it's hot in Phuket OK...?)

P.S.: If you are based in Lausanne, Pilates & Moi is a great studio that offers TRX classes.

Have you tried TRX before?