Vegan and sustainable fashion inspiration from LaBante


Maybe you make an effort to eat organic and buy vegan cosmetics, but have you given the same thought to your wardrobe?

I have to admit that I haven't, until recently. It was only when I interviewed my blogger friend Justine for my healthspo talk series that I began to think about where my clothes come from and how they are produced. I'm not saying that I instantly converted to being a vegan fashionista, but it definitely made me think...

The more I educate myself on the matter, the more I begin to understand the profound impact not only a vegan diet but generally a vegan lifestyle can have on our planet. There are a million and one reasons why going vegan is the right choice from a moral and environmental perspective, and I’m starting open my eyes to these important matters.

Did you know that fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world, after oil and agriculture? Scary, huh.

Until a couple of years ago it was almost impossible to find vegan, ethical fashion. Though we’ve come to embrace constrained diets in food, many people don't yet understand why someone would choose vegan fashion. Or they don't even know what that means, for a matter of fact.

Vegan fashion doesn't allow for wool, fur, leather, silk, cashmere or any other material that comes from an animal. At the same time its not only important to buy animal friendly fashion, but pieces that were produced under fair conditions as well.

As yourself: "Where do my clothes come from?” ” Who made my clothes?” Once you start looking at this, you'll realise that most products are produced under brutal and inhumane standards for the workers. Just take a look at Nike's sweatshop scandal. Or H&M. Or Gap. Do I need to continue?

Vegan and sustainable fashion inspiration from LaBante

Thankfully more and more brands are setting a good example in the fashion industry, with much success. One of those brands is:


Founded in 2006 in the heart of London, the brand LaBante that makes jewellery and bags  follows the principle of ‚fashion with respect‘ and this is reflected in every single product. Without compromising style, all bags are Peta approved vegan and ethically made using sustainable fabrics. The team works hard to do their research and ensure that all suppliers are following the LaBante code, which stipulates manufacturing jewellery and handbags from ethically sourced materials in a humane manner. They personally make regular visits to their factories in China to make sure that no child labor is happening under their supervision and that workers are working in safe conditions.

I got the Piccadilly Bordeaux bag gifted, which is a beautiful small cross body bag that's just perfect for going out or when you don't need to take a lot of things with you. I'm totally convinced with the quality and the lining is impeccable. Most of their bags actually quite affordable with many options under $100.

I am definetly delighted to support them! #ingoodwetrust . And next time I go shopping, I might think twice about where my clothes come from...

*In friendly collaboration with LaBante