Rhythm108 x Balboa Event in Zurich


First off, apologies for my lack of posts these days; I've been a bit overwhelmed with my workload at the moment. I'm a very determined person and like to pack my schedule to the rim, but sometimes it just all gets too much. So please bear with me until I figure out a good routine for myself that allows me to juggle work, studying, blogging, training for my first full marathon and being a good friend, girlfriend and daughter. Yikes!

Thankfully, I had the chance to recharge my batteries a bit yesterday and just let the #fitfoodie in me go 'nanas. My friend Laura had dragged me to Balboa in Zurich for a workout before, but this time I had the pleasure to attend their event in collaboration with Rhythm108. It involved lots of crossfit (alright, it was only 30 minutes but it felt like an eternity) and a fun and interactive yoga sequence with Deddou from Pop Up Yoga. On that note: she will also be giving a lesson during the Heart Beat Up Festival in Zurich on the 10th of October, so come join us if you're around! Our green-loving palates were spoiled by Sasou whilst Bryon&Bronte delivered the yoga goodies. Now who said Switzerland wasn't finally jumping onto the health bandwagon? I'm so thrilled to see more and more young and fresh health-conscious companies pop up everywhere. Yay!

I actually already knew Rhythm108 bars from before; they sell them at my old uni and, given that it is pretty much the only healthy snack they offer, I lived off Rhythm108 as my afternoon pick-me-up. They are completely organic, GMO free and use no more than 8 natural and wholesome ingredients in one product. Think banana muffin, coconut macaroon, choco-walnut brownie, apple pie and lemon cake. Yum! The only thing is that they use milk, which is a shame because I'm sure they could easily be made without it. After having a talk with the founder, I learnt that vegan bars are in the planning, so if you are a strict vegan, stay tuned.

I had a lovely day reunited with my dear Victoria and Laura and had the chance to get to know Xenia and Fanny better. #swissfoodies on the rise! Thanks for this great event, we had a blast!

If you think this looks like a fun event, why don't you join us next Sunday for Lorna Jane's Active Nation Day Celebration at Balboa? Click here for the Facebook event, I hope to see you there!