Products I Love: Rebel Kitchen Mylk


I'm always on the lookout for new healthy and "clean" brands, so you can imagine my delight when I discovered Rebel Kitchen during one of my last visits to Hiltl in Zurich. I was even more excited when the Rebel Team contacted me a few weeks ago and proposed for me to try their full range of mylks. Of course I jumped at this opportunity!

Rebel Kitchen’s mylks are the definition of wholesome, unprocessed drinks as they only contain few basic ingredients: Coconut milk, water, date nectar and cacao. I’m a coconut addict, so the fact that they’re made from coconut milk is a big tick in my box. They contain absolutely no additives, no preservatives and so, no worries. I'm also thrilled that they use cacao instead of cocoa. In case you didn't know, cocoa is the processed, heated version of raw cacao and hence only contains a small percentage of the "feel good" nutrients that it's natural alternative has to offer. It just goes to show that we don't need loads of unpronounceable chemical ingredients in order to make our food taste good.

Rebel Kitchen's food philosophy is similar to mine and I am extremely happy to see Rebel Kitchen's commitment to bringing back freshly made food and fighting artificial sugar without compromising on taste. Their mission statements reads like a tongue-in-cheek declaration to the young and health - conscious community. They definitely have me convinced!

But let's cut to the chase, you probably want to hear about the different flavours, so here it is: There are three flavours available in the adult mylk collection (Chai, Chocolate and Matcha Green Tea) which come in 330ml cartons, and three in the children's collection (Banana, Orange Chocolate and Chocolate).  All have the some ingredient base as mentioned above, but will have the one or other ingredient added depending on the flavour. The orange mylk for example contains anti-inflammatory orange oil, which makes it much more natural than products with orange 'flavouring'. The green tea flavour contains heaps of antioxidants thanks to the matcha and the chai flavour contains warming cinnamon, cardamon and turmeric. If I had to choose a favourite, it would have to be the latter. I'm a huge fan of chai tea and drank this one in one go out of the carton! I'm sure it tastes delicious when heated as well, which I will likely try very soon as the weather is getting increasingly cold in Switzerland.

I also have been experimenting with several recipes using the different flavours as a liquid replacement. Think chai flavoured smoothies, banana flavoured pancakes and chocolatey tofu mousses. Keep watching this space for some recipes!

The company is still very new (in fact, the founder Tamara Arbib just won "Mumpreneur" of the Year) and so their products aren't easily available outside of the UK just yet. As mentioned, you can purchase them at Hiltl in Zurich, but otherwise it is quite difficult to get your hands on them from Switzerland. Real Foods ships international, so it's best to order from them if you don't live in the UK. If you do, you can order a one-off box or monthly subscriptions of their mylks (I'm slightly jealous!) If you are looking for more information about the health benefits and all the ingredients you can visit their website here and Instagram here. They are also hosting some festive fun photo competitions giving you the chance to win your own Rebel mylk, so make sure to check their Instagram feed for the details.