BBG Bootcamp in Berlin with Kayla Itsines


So...this just happened. I can't believe how quickly the day went by and that the BBG Berlin Bootcamp is already over! About two years ago I started using Kayla's guides (see my initial review) and here I find myself training with queen K herself. How crazy.

But let's go back a couple of steps...Vic and I have been planning on doing a weekend city trip for a while, so when we heard that Kayla was coming for a BBG bootcamp to Berlin, we didn't think twice. We bought our tickets instantly without wasting any thought on how to get there, where to stay and if we even had time on that day. But there was simply no way we were passing up the opportunity to work out with our favourite personal trainer in person! Berlin is only a short 1 hour flight from Switzerland and we had been thinking of doing a weekend city trip together anyways, so it was perfect timing.

When I first started Kayla's BBG guides, I was hoping to get stronger and look fitter (take a look at my progress pictures here and here), but never in a million years  did I expect to make a best friend along the way. Did you guys know that Vic and I went to the same university but only met because she found me through a #BBG hashtag that I was using and recognised the gym I was taking selfies in?! Thank god for Instagram & thank god for the amazing BBG community.

Even though I followed all the previous bootcamps through social media (hard to miss with everyone madly posting about it), I didn't really know what to expect. We thought that we could grab a chilled lunch at 12 PM before the doors opened at 2PM, but when we say a bunch of girls commenting on Kayla's most recent picture that they had been freezing in the cold outside the arena for hours already, we had a slight panic attack that we would end up being stuck in the last row. We were so flustered that we a) ran to the wrong arena at first and b) completely forgot to get food and only realized when we were standing in line that we wouldn't be able to eat until the evening. HIIT training with Kayla + not eating = not a good combo.

But our little freak out moment was so worth it because in the end we arrived quite early and got to be really close to the stage. We had about an hour before the workout started to frantically run around, take pictures and meet up with other fellow #bbggirls & aaaah it was so great to meet so many other girls who have been on similar journeys. @fierce.century @nessa_bbg@fuelingafire@vickysgoinghealthy@fitgirlgalina@julesfitness, it was so nice to share this experience with you guys/meet you for the first time!

The workout lasted around 30 minutes in total (like her actual workouts do) and during that time we did multiple mini workout sets. It may have been only half an hour of working out, but man she had us working hard with jump squats, mountain climbers, jump lunges, planks and of course her favourites:  burpees. Imagine a sea of lorna-jane-and-nike-gear-covered-girls jumping up and down like crazy, trying to catch their breath and keep up with the fast-paced program.

Oh, and imagine us trying to explain to the Uber driver who was taking us from the wrong arena to the right arena why thousand of girls from all over Germany and abroad would willingly travel for hours simply to let themselves be tortured for 30 minutes by an Australian PT who also flew in specifically for this purpose. The poor guy must have been so confused..

Yes, we might just be slightly crazy. But working out in an arena filled with fit girls and Kayla yelling at you really DOES make you push yourself so much harder then you would ever do otherwise. She definitely wasn't messing around and the breaks were pretty damn short. I know I know, that's how short they should theoretically always be, but I have to admit that I cheat a bit and always have 1 minute break in between circuits...

After the workout we all had a little (ok, major) fangirling moment when we got to take pictures with Kayla and her boyfriend Tobi. They seem like such an amazing power couple and I totally envy them for being able to work with each other 24/7 (can I please do that with my BF too, pretty please?). What a dream come true that must be for the both of them.

I know that the good vibes from bootcamp will carry over into my workouts and I am SO motivated right now to kick ass and really give 100% during my workouts. I am so happy to be part of the #bbgcommunity & the day could not have been better! Apart from maybe the fact that I effing closed my eyes in the ONE picture that Vic and I took together with Kayla! Oh well, maybe 'till next time? Here's the full video: