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Why We Do What We Do When We Know What We Know + How To Stop Binging

Why We Do What We Do  When We Know What We Know  + How To Stop Binging

Yoga, meditation, journaling: all these things are invaluable tools to make me feel zen, yet I often struggle to do them even though I know I feel more in touch with myself afterwards.

It's not that the activities are hard in themselves (though yoga can be grueling at times). It's the internal debate that starts up every day when you know you should do them but there's a part of you that is holding back.

The same goes for our diet. We know we should be eating more fruits and veggies, but instead we go for the heavily processed stuff. Why is that?

I used to think that it was just me - that I was 'wired wrong' and that I was somehow incapable of learning from my mistakes. I knew I'd feel good after eating a light meal and that I would feel crap after eating crap, but all too many times I would still opt for what made me feel bad, both physically and mentally.

Reminiscing About Phuket Cleanse

Reminiscing About Phuket Cleanse

During my long flight from Zurich to Sydney I cleaned up my laptop a bit and realised I still have loads of pictures from my time at Phuket Cleanse that I haven't shared with you yet. FYI, Phuket Cleanse is an active detox retreat in Thailand that I went to for a couple days last year and totally fell in love with.

Since I'm still getting set up here in Sydney and am currently apartment hunting and doing bunch of other admin stuff, I thought I'd just share these pictures with you guys until I find time to take up blogging again!

Enjoy, xx

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