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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...How To See Beauty When You Look Into The Mirror

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...How To See Beauty When You Look Into The Mirror

I used to hate looking into the mirror.

Maybe it was because I didn't like seeing my uneven nose and un-chizzled cheekbones.

Maybe it was because I didn't like the way my hair fell flat along my face. 

Maybe it was because of the extra pounds that I'd been carrying around with me and tried so desperately to rid myself of; a graphic reminder of my lack of self-control.

Those days are in the past and I have since then learned to embrace what I see in the mirror every day. But it was a long and hard journey...

Today, I've invited optimism and life coach, international motivational speaker and author of The Optimist In You, Jessica J. Lockhart, to talk about the complicated relationship most of us have with the mirror.

You look in the mirror. Your image looks back at you. But do you truly see yourself? Do you see your soul, your being, your humanity? Do you see the person behind the mirror? Most people don't.

Wholesome Stef goes to Wholefoods

Wholesome Stef goes to Wholefoods

Number 1 on my to-do list during my recent visit to London was a shopping spree at Whole Foods. While others might want to splurge at Harrods & Co., for me the endless aisles of fresh organic produce and funky new health brands are way more appealing. When I lived in London four years ago I was still in the midst of my eating disorder, so shopping for healthy food wasn't really one of my priorities. So, this time around I was beyond excited to visit the store with a new sense of appreciation and a health - conscious mind.

Every health foodie I know raves about how amazing Whole Foods is. Seriously, think about heaven and then think about Whole Foods; they're basically the same. From the moment you walk in, the colors, smells and jam packed fresh produce aisles automatically make you feel healthier just by being there. Unfortunately, it can also make you incredibly broke. The prices are definitely not what you are used to in normal grocery stores! I had to reeeeeally control myself to not run through the store like a super excited kiddo on christmas day leaving a path of destruction behind me throwing everything I can find into my cart