I've trialled the Eat Fit Food 3-day vegan reset plan... This Is What I Thought

Eat Fit Food 3-day vegan reset

Once September hits, it seems like time flies by and before you know it, it's already Christmas. Am I the only one that feels like the last couple of weeks have just gone by in no time? It's all a bit of a blurr to be honest. Fair enough, I've had my hands full with my full-time job, coaching, teaching rooftop yoga at The Old Clare (tickets for next week via Eventbrite), daily workouts, events and collaboration, but seriously, TIME IS FLYING. It's kinda scary.

With a tight schedule and my 6W2S boot camp in full swing, meal prepping has been super important for me lately. Most days, I go straight from my workout to work and have breakfast in the bus/train, so I need to have my breakfast + lunch and snack all ready for the day by the night before. As much as I enjoy my Saturday morning farmers market visit and meal prep on Sundays, sometimes it's just nice to not have to do any of that. Cause who are we kiddin', meal prep can be a pain in the bum sometimes!

And that's where Eat Fit Food has once again been a life safer for me. I've  trialed their 5-day program last October (full review here), and I've already spoken really highly of them then. Since then, I have tested a couple of other meal delivery services in Sydney, but to be completely frank, none of them have matched my experience with EFF. And I'm not saying this because I got to test their newly launched 3-day vegan reset plan for free, I really do mean it.

The one thing that blows me away time and time again is the sheer quality of the meals and the unique recipes. The meals are amazingly delicious, well portioned and everyday day of the program I'm excited to see what's next on the menu.

You know it's a good service when you literally can't wait for your next meal!

Not only does EFF make staying on track a breeze, it makes it FUN. Too many of us fall off the bandwagon when we loose motivation and inspiration to eat healthy, but when the recipes are this good, it's hard to not want to eat well. Not convinced yet? Have a look at what your menu could look like:

Day 1

Breakfast - Chia & goji berry bircher muesli
Lunch - Spiced turmeric coconut curry with tofu, carrot noodles & ginger infused grains
Snack - Tamari nuts
Dinner - Cauliflower, cannellini bean & celeriac soup

Day 2

Breakfast - Green Power Smoothie
Lunch - Lemon red kidney bean soup with zucchini & sweet potato noodles Snack - Nut, seed & coconut slice
Dinner - Spaghetti Pomodoro with Vegan 'Tuna'

Day 3

Breakfast - Mango Kickstarter Smoothie
Lunch - Moroccan eggplant, kidney bean and green millet bowl
Snack - Lemon, ginger tahini protein balls
Dinner - Vietnamese Tofu Pho

Doesn't that sound DIVINE?! My absolute favorite was the Moroccan eggplant bowl, it's a literal flavour explosion in your mouth. 10 out of 10 from me!

As you can see, the program consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and one snack daily. Programs can be started on Monday or Friday, whichever works better for you. Besides the new 3-day vegan reset (yaaaay now all my vegan friends can try EFF too and understand what I’ve been rambling on about ;)), there’s also a 28 challenge as well as a Clean & Lean and Cleanse program with the choice of 5, 10 or 20 days.

Whichever program you choose, EFF always uses the finest quality ingredients from local farmers, and all meals are portion and calorie controlled with zero additives and no refined sugar. I think the portion sizes are fairly large and leave you fully satiated until the next meal. Bear in mind that I was exercising every day while doing the 3-day reset as well!

Eat Fit Food is definitely not the cheapest company on the market with the 3-day vegan reset costing $150, but hands down it's the best I've come across so far. With the different program options, you're bound to find something that matches your requirements and health goals. There are also heaps of tips and suggestions on their website, as to how much water you should drink, how to snack etc, which is very useful.

Soooo what are you waiting for? Give it a try for yourself!

Eat Fit Food 3-day vegan reset