Eat Fit Food 1 Week Review + Your Chance To Try It

Eat Fit Food Review

I've been feeling VERY blah of late. Struggling to find a good routine between office work and working from home,  putting a lot of pressure on myself for literally everything and subsequently having gained a little unwanted pudginess has left me feeling not my best self.

I also stopped meal prep Sundays, which was such a big part of my routine when I was following the 8-week I Quit Sugar program. And frankly, without that my eating routine has kind of just been off track. So there I was thinking...: "All I want is someone else to make me three healthy meals a day for me so that I don't need to shop, cook, clean and can just get back on track..."

Eat Fit Food for the rescue

My wishes were heard, and in came Eat Fit Food for the rescue! Eat Fit Food is a healthy meal delivery service with many different programs to choose from (Clean & Lean, Cleanse, Healthy Eating, Meal Packs) that delivers fresh meals to your door every other day. All meals are portion and calorie controlled with zero additives, no refined sugar, and plenty of healthy fats and superfood.The guys at Eat Fit Food even grow a lot of the fresh ingredients on their own farm in  the  Southern Highlands of NSW.

Do you have dietary restrictions? No worries. Eat Fit Food offers gluten free and dairy free meals, as well as vegetarians, low carb and paleo options.

They were so kind to gift me 1 week on their Healthy Eating Program (lunch and dinner + some snacks), which provides you with the flexibility to order any combination of meals on the days you choose. Here's the lowdown on my experience with it:

How does it work?

The meals are delivered to your front door a couple of times a week during the night so that you have you have all your meals ready to go when you wake up in the morning.

I loved the feeling of coming downstairs and being able to grab my cooler bag filled to the rim with food for the next two days. No grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning for an entire week, what a luxury! As much as I love all of those things, sometimes it's just really nice to not have to worry about any of it.


10/10, hands down. I had so much more time during the week, which allowed me to focus my energy on things I had been neglecting lately. Preparing the food on the day is super easy as well. Like, 2 minutes-easy. All you have to do is pop the meal in the microwave for a couple of seconds, or like I did (because a. I don't like using microwaves and b. I don't have a microwave) in the oven.

Freshness & Quality

Unlike other similar ‘delivered to your door’ offerings, there wasn’t one single frozen meal in sight. Everything looked and tasted fresh and I was really pleasantly surprised with the overall quality.

Portion size

Whilst I was slightly worried at first that the meals wouldn't be big enough, I certainly was proven otherwise. The portion size was perfect for me and sustained me throughout my day, which included one or sometimes even two workouts a day.


I loved every single meal! Honestly, there wasn't a single one that I didn't enjoy. At every meal time I was looking forward to discovering what new dish I would get to try today, and really relished in being able to try different things. I had quinoa, falafels (love!), dips, frittata, veggie lasagne, miso salmon, tofu, chickpeas, lentils, brown rice, you name it.

Here's an example from a day taken at random:

  • Lunch: Baked miso salmon with dashi broth, Asian greens & brown rice
  • Dinner: Pea, millet & mint fritters with rainbow chard, sweet potato & soft boiled egg
  • Snack: Pumpkin, poppy seed and lemon bread + a beetroot juice

The one thing that I wish I didn't have to mention, but kind of have to is this: On the second day of delivery (Wednesday) I walked downstairs in the morning all excited about what goodies would await me, but there was no box. After checking in with EFF, they confirmed that the food was delivered overnight and that it should be there. Turns out someone in my building stole it! Grrrrr still so upset when I think about this....If you live in an apartment block like myself, I'd highly recommend making sure the box is delivered to your front door and is not left in the main entrance area.

Eat Fit Food Review
Eat Fit Food Review

The other caveat? It's not cheap: a five-day program normally costs $335 (that's for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for five days, for one person). Now you’re probably sitting here thinking: "Great Stef, thanks for getting me all excited about it and now you tell me this..." Well, don't fret.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the post, there is an exclusive offer that Eat Fit Food is offering to all WSS readers!  

Eat Fit Food Review


The food was every bit as nutritious and delicious — and filling — as they said it would be. I liked it, a lot. And I’d definitely do it again!

This cleanse is perfect for you if are:

  • Stressed for time, concerned about eating well, and keen to ditch some of the shopping-cooking-and-cleaning-up-afterwards that goes with preparing your own meals
  • Wanting to have a general detox / cleanse to reset your body and feel good within
  • Wanting to loose some weight - even though portion sizes are filling, if you stick to the program 100% and not buying treats/coffees etc. here and there, you can definitely shed some pounds
  • Not great at cooking and need some inspiration in the kitchen

The discount is for the Meal Packs, where you have the choice between 5 or 10 meals in total. Here's how much you'll be saving:

+ 5 Meal Pack: usually valued at $142.50, exclusive offer at $99.00

+ 10 Meal Pack: usually valued at $250.00, exclusive offer at $179.00

Eat Fit Food Review