Deep down I knew that I didn't need another diet   Emilie, 34, Switzerland

My coaching with Stef has been a great journey. Before starting, I doubted that health coaching without a detailed meal plan or workout program could really serve me. But I decided to go for it anyways, because deep down I knew that’s what I really needed. While I came into the coaching wanting to work on my physique (i.e. cellulite), Stef helped me shift my focus towards feeling good in my body and accepting myself. The exercises she gave me always opened my eyes to a new perspective and her kindness supported my growth development. And even though Stef is younger than me, she made me realize many things and helped me increase my self-confidence and own my decisions.



You have helped me accomplish what seemed impossible 〰 Kasia, 18, Australia  

I've progressed so much! What may seem as "small silly changes" to some who cannot fathom what I was going through, you on the other hand understood and have helped me in more ways than one. I cannot put into word how much I appreciate you putting your time and effort int helping me and I am forever grateful for what you have helped me achieve. You have made me accomplish what looked like to me massive changes for the better in my life and have helped me better understand the reasoning behind my decisions.This has been an emotional journal and I can’t wait to catch up with you in a months time! Over this period of three months I have learned a lot about myself, through you sharing your story as well as experiences and being able to relate to those same feelings. Thank you



Never would I have thought that this simple decision of contacting her would change my life that way  〰 Orane, 22, Switzerland

Honestly I don’t know where to begin because there is so much to say…I have been through what is probably the hardest time of my life these past three years. After numerous ups and downs, I could not hide from myself anymore and ignore what I was facing. Therefore I decided to ask for help. During these difficult years I went from first: restrictive eating and being extremely strict with everything I was doing, to then: binge eating and depression with no motivation for anything anymore. I hated myself.

After an extremely busy semester at university, I literally took two months for doing nothing except my part time student job. I was sleeping all the time, trying to recover from everything I was going through and swearing to myself that I would never binge again and that I wanted to lose all the weight I have put on because my body had stocked everything when I went from restrictive eating to binge eating. But that’s not as easy as it may seem and it wasn’t the right way to think “healing” was like. 



My biggest fear transformed into my greatest potential 〰 Erica, 23, NYC  

I knew when I had reached out to Stef that I was in deep trouble. She was like a friend who had gone through the same struggles and together we came up with amazingly simple ways to appease my haunting insecurities. Stef taught me how to learn to love my body in a way that I can become a health coach for myself when I am all alone - my biggest fear transformed into my greatest potential. Stef to me is not only a health coach, but a life coach and supportive friend.



I have found it so valuable to work with Stef because she has been through similar struggles 〰 Sarah, 18, Australia

Working with Stef has been amazing. She is always so positive and caring and her support has helped me so much on my road to recovery. I have found it so valuable to work with Stef because she has been through similar struggles and so she is able to understand my journey in a way that just isn’t possible for someone who has never personally struggled with an eating disorder. Through working with Stef I am beginning to overcome the challenges that have been stopping me from becoming my happiest and healthiest self. I can’t wait to keep working with Stef and to continue making positive changes in my life.